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Passionate about my career as a Food Engineer and Masters in Sciences. This passion inspires me to be always updated in Food Safety, give the best and leave marks everywhere I go, help people to have a better understanding if I can do it. I think these are my leads and patterns. I worked in different countries, lead different teams and start quality systems from zero and I love it. Live is always a challenge, a good challenge. I had the privilege to lead, develop and implement HACCP and GFSI standards from Farms, greenhouses, facilities, packing, storage and distribution in the USA and Canada. Trained many people from different industries like Dairy, Meat, Bakery, fruits &vegetables and beverages and help them in their continuous improvement. Create and lead applications and microbiology labs as technical support for South and Central America, as well as part of implementation labs in NorthAmerica, R&D and Quality in Colombia. Help in the development of starting companies.

Passionate About Inspiring Food Safety Culture

I have the privilege to obtain recognition from BRCGS as partners for training and audits. Where privilege is given to a few people. Supply Chain and agriculture auditor in a constant update of knowledge. My parents always joke me because I’m always studying, but I love it and this is the manner to give the best and if I can mix knowledge with the best partners as BRGS and Trust Guardians, the result cannot be better. So, I create QR Agri & Food Consulting under this base because the success of my clients is ours. We can help them to train their people and management, assess their systems and support them. I learn every day and we don’t know everything but we look for answers and resolve the issue in the best manner. At the final, we’re a team. I born in Colombia, worked in Brazil, finishing my master's in Quebec and obtained certifications in the USA and English Canadian site not only in Food Safety so I can consider that I’m able to work in the language that is better for my clients (English, French, Spanish).     


Because I love to share knowledge with people and help them if I can, I’m engaged a few months ago with the women’s coffee own proprietorship organization in Colombia, trying to bring the knowledge and the best taste of our coffee from different regions to others. So, if you’re interested to promote, we can take together a good high-quality Colombian coffee until we discuss your product safety projects


And time to time, I participate in digital new papers as writer and webinars where I’m invited. So just let us know when we can start to talk about your business and how we can help YOU. Just contact us below.


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Professional Development

BRC Global Standard Approved Trainer

Avocat production
FSMA Overview
Attestation en Hygiène et salubrité alimentaire
Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2008certified IRCA
HACCP Lead Auditor Certified International Alliance
Canada GAP
Primus GFS Auditor (Primuslabs)
Primus GFS (Primuslabs)
Projects Management (Laval University)

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