DURATION: 2 Day classroom PLUS e-Learning module

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Auditors (with Lead Assessor) who wish to audit the Standard, consultants, technical & quality managers who wish to gain a greater insight into the audit process.


ASSESSMENT: Understanding the Requirements and Protocol & Report Writing 50 question exam; Pass mark 75%


COURSE SUMMARY: This training comprises the 2-day Understanding the Requirements course taken together with the BRCGS Protocol & Report writing e-learning course (available at https:// brcgselearning.com/auditor-courses/). These e-Learning modules have been specifically designed for auditors who need to complete their audit training, and include specific information on completing the BRCGS audit and writing the report.

Training routes will be different according to previous experience and qualifications.
For this reason, it is essential for auditors to choose the correct course, and for ATPs to be aware of the correct course to register auditors on BRCGS Educate.

New BRCGS auditors (who hold a Lead Auditor qualification) – if not currently qualified to audit a BRCGS Standard, the full Protocol and Report Writing module should be purchased. Your Understanding the Requirements trainer should register you on BRCGS Educate for attendance at the course named ‘Understanding the Requirements and Protocol & Report Writing’, which will give you access to the correct 50-QUESTION auditor exam.

Existing BRCGS auditors – if you have completed BRCGS auditor training and currently audit at least one other BRCGS Standard; and now wish to audit another Standard, you need to complete the top-up module in Protocol & Report Writing (i.e. for Packaging auditors wishing to audit Food 7 you should purchase the Protocol & Report Writing Food Issue 7 – for existing BRCGS auditors, and for Food auditors wishing to audit Packaging 5 you should purchase the Protocol & Report Writing Packaging Issue 5 – for existing BRCGS auditors.)

For both routes: You should have completed a classroom-based Understanding the Requirements course in the Standard you wish to audit to BEFORE commencing the correct Protocol & Report Writing e-learning course. 


At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:• List the aims of the BRCGS

• Global Standards scheme
• Describe the format, scope, and structure of the Standards
• Identify audit scope and understand planning the audit
• Effectively audit the requirements of the Standard
• Initiate closing the audit and corrective actions
• Be able to complete the BRCGS audit and write the report




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