Understanding the Requirements with Protocol and Report Writing Pre-Reading Module

DURATION: 16 Hours

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Auditors (with Lead Assessor), consultants, technical, quality & operational staff from the logistics industry, who wish to gain an insight into the audit process.

ASSESSMENT: Understanding the requirements with Protocol and Report Writing 50 question exam; Pass mark 75%.

COURSE SUMMARY: This course will train auditors who wish to audit the Standard on the correct interpretation of the clauses and protocol. It gives technical, quality and operations staff from the logistics industry, retailers and Food-Service companies a clear understanding of the protocol and requirements of Global Standard for Storage and Distribution, including audit planning, and the events during and after the audit. To audit the Standard, delegates must hold a Lead Auditor qualification. Existing BRCGS auditors holding a Lead Auditor qualification, and who wish to audit this Standard may take this course, followed by the ‘Protocol and Report Writing’ pre-reading module, and then complete the assessment to qualify to audit this Standard.

KEY LEARNING OBJECTIVES: At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

• Understand the details of the scheme including audit scope and planning for the audit

• Be able to audit the requirements of the Standard

• Understand how an audit is closed, what corrective actions are needed and how certificates are issued • Describe the different audit options available, including options 1 and 2 of the unannounced scheme

• Understand the current compliance monitoring of certification bodies by BRCGS




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